Chronicle of Events



Phenomenal Appearance

INNOMASTER was first officially unveiled in 2016 during the Shanghai DOMOTEX International Ground Materials Exhibition.

Digital Color-Painted Flooring has attracted wide attention.
Officially announced to the world the creation of INNOMASTER and new categories for the industry---the birth of Digital-Painted Flooring.


Mentor and Old Friend

  • Former President of China Forestry Industry Association
  • Mr. Zhang SenLin(1947-2018)

During the 39 years of his career, Chairman Zhang Sen Lin worked conscientiously, with magnanimity, selfless dedication, quick thinking, and original insight. As the President of the China Forestry Industry Association, Mr. Zhang worked diligently to promote the Chinese timber industry, leading it to grow and develop from an insignificant cottage industry into one of the world’s largest producers of wood products.

Mr. Zhang has been awarded the "Outstanding Contribution Award of Chinese Wood Industry" by the China Forestry Industry Association and is well respected and remembered by people in the industry.



100% Original Italian Design

Modena, the capital of industrial design in Italy, Signing the cooperation agreement with STYLGRAPH Set up the "INNOMASTER Global Design Center" to conduct in-depth research and testing on flooring and wallboards



The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization. It was founded in 1993 by international NGOs, environmentalists, timber trade organizations and socially responsible consumers who want to stop deforestation.

FSC tracks the entire process of wood products from forests to consumers by setting standards for good forest management and a chain of production and marketing standards for wood processing, thereby controlling the legal and sustainable sources of wood. FSC wants to use market mechanisms to make the operation structure and management of forest area can be more reasonable, and to ensure the operator can make profit without sacrificing forest resources, ecosystem or affecting community.

Certified by CARB Phase 2

On April 18, 2008, the California Administrative Act Office approved Air Transmission Control Measures (ATCM) which is meant for reducing formaldehyde emissions from composite wood products and the certification is issued by California Air Resources Commission (CARB). This regulation has been incorporated into the California Act 17.

At present, this regulation is one of the strictest standards for formaldehyde emission from composite wood products, and requires factories to supervise the production process strictly in accordance with the quality management system required by this regulation.
Since January 1, 2009, no composite wood products or finished products can be legally sold in the State of California without this "green card" of approval.


Recognition and Award

Products of INNOMASTER have received the “Most Beautiful Wood Design Award” during the “Cotton China Guangzhou Design Week.”


Ready to Go

INNOMASTER Home (ZhongShan) Co., Ltd & INNOMASTER Building Materials (ZhongShan) Co., Ltd officially set up
INNOMASTER Dream Factory inauguration ceremony


Shanghai DOMOTEX Exhibition 2017


INNOMASTER reappeared at Shanghai DOMOTEX Ground Materials Exhibition

Mr. Wang Man, the current president of the China Forestry Industry Association, declared that INNOMASTER has been chosen to become a “Vice President-Level Member of the Flooring Association of Forest Products Industry” at the exhibition.


Mr. Ye KeLing, Director of Wood Industry Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Forestry Sciences, visiting INNOMASTER


On the afternoon of February 5, SOFIA and INNOMASTER signed a strategic cooperation agreement at Sofia's headquarters in Zengcheng.

At the ceremony, SOFIA Group President Ke Jian-sheng and INNOMASTER Chairman Liu Shuozhen signed on behalf of each party respectively, marking the beginning of a joint-venture between SOFIA and INNOMASTER to achieve a long-term strategic partnership in the challenging and yet growing home decorative market.


Mr. Guo Quanfeng, Vice General Manager of INNOMASTER, announced the launch of new products for 2018 at the exhibition- The CASABELLA Series, Jia Li Mei, Vita Semplice & Skirting Board.

Shanghai DOMOTEX Exhibition 2018


Mr. Wang Man, Director of China Forestry Industry Association (Middle)
Mr. Wang Biao, Vice President of Sofia's Whole House Customization (Right)
Mr. Liu Shuozhen, Chairman of INNOMASTER (Left)

Witness the formal launch of INNOMASTER and SOFIA's Strategic Alliance


From September 28 to 29, 2018, the 2018 World Flooring Industry Summit, sponsored by the China Forestry Industry Association and the Huzhou Municipal People's Government, began in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province. The theme of the summit was "Green, Development, Harmony and Win for all." Industry leaders from all over the world gathered at this important Summit to discuss current international trade issues, intellectual property matters for the flooring industry, and brand development and policy support. The Chairman of INNOMASTER, Mr. Liu Shuozhen, was invited by the Organizing Committee as the Keynote Speaker of this summit.

Mr.Liu indicated in his speech that although it is difficult for the economy to grow under the present environment, flooring and wallboard are still in high demand, nonetheless; and it is with innovations and new marketing concepts that we shall prevail. In addition, Mr. Liu also shared some of the new designs from INNOMASTER’s digital painted flooring and wallboards lines with his colleagues, and remarked that a new era in the flooring industry has now arrived.


DOMOTEX 2019: The World of Flooring, Hannover, Germany




Dealer Meeting 2019