Business Partners

Our Business Partners

Mannington---The most reputable professional flooring company in the U.S. flooring industry, headquartered in Sharon, N.J., is founded by the Campbell family in 1915 and is now managed by the fourth generation of the family. Their businesses include wood flooring, plastic flooring, tile, carpet and other flooring materials. The company has five production bases in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and New Jersey. Their products are distributed throughout both the residential as well as commercial markets in the United States.

Armstrong World Industries, one of the oldest and most well known flooring manufacturers in the U.S., is headquartered in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The company has 31 factories and about 9,300 employees around the world. Net global sales totaled about $1.2 billion in 2016.

Since its founding in 1985, Mullican Flooring has been dedicated to creating the best hardwood flooring in the world. The company's founders know that a combination of precision milling, advanced kiln drying technology and the most demanding inspectors would produce products that their competitors could not match.

JOHNSON is one of the leading manufacturers of premium hardwood flooring in the United States, producing fashionable, high-demand flooring options through sourcing durable hardwood varieties from around the world. Their products are famous for their economical and excellent quality. JOHNSON provides consumers with the industry's highest standard of worry-free floor, in line with CARB II and LACEY ACT standards.

One of the largest flooring manufacturers in the UK, TED TODD has been working for more than 20 years to create the world's most beautiful, creative wooden floor. TED TODD provides new wood flooring of unparalleled quality, originality and creative style for people who love and appreciate unique, ingenious interior designs.