With our strong determination to fundamentally change the designs of traditional flooring and our insistence in originality, we have thus created a company full of dreams --- INNOMASTER.

In March 2015, we took the lead in signing a cooperation agreement with the world's top industrial design company and set up INNOMASTER Global Design Center in Modena, Italy, the capital of industrial design.

With the assistance of a very talented staff of more than 80 resident designers from all over the world, and combined with the unique nature of the markets in this part of the world, a new and very unique line of digital painted flooring and wall panel products was thus created.

INNOMASTER combines art and the technology of digital color painting, and then applies them to real wood, giving the product a new dimension that is both unique as well as colorful. It breaks the logic of traditional flooring/wallboard application and brings a lot more options for the consumers to select. INNOMASTER wants to offer this revolutionary, more environmentally friendly, and, above all, more personalized new concept to all of our customers.


Player & Founder

Mr. Liu ShuoZhen (Michael), Nick Name: Mr. M
Michael Liu, an entrepreneur, graduated from the School of Finance and Economics of Taiwan University in 1983, is now the chairman of INNOMASTER Home (ZhongShan) Co., Ltd.
So far, his achievements include: Patent Holder of Antique Flooring, Personal Achievement Award for Forest Industry and Influential Man of Flooring Industry in 2003-2004.

Personal Experience
  • In 1993, Michael set up his first marketing team in Shenyang.
  • In 1998, China carried out the nation’s Forest Protection Project, and with a keen strategic awareness, Michael established Wankelong Wood Co., Ltd.
  • In 2000, registered the "Elegant Living" trademark, and introduced the new product, Wood Composite Flooring, to the market.
  • In 2002, Michael reached a cooperative intention with Armstrong, the No.1 company in wood flooring industry of the United States
  • In 2004, the first phase of Elegant Living Zhongshan factory opened, and received an initial order of 2 million US dollars from Armstrong; Elegant Living became the very first company in China to produce hand-scraped flooring in significant quantities to the U.S. market.
  • In 2005, Michael was awarded the 2003-2004 "Science and Technology Progress Award" in the flooring industry.
  • In 2007, the global sales revenue of Elegant Living reached 700 million RMB, with a growth rate of more than 80%.
  • In 2008, a ceremony was held in Beijing to launch the strategic partnership between Elegant Living and Samling Global Group of Malaysia, which is a publicly listed company; as a result, the Samling Global Group became the controlling shareholder of Elegant Living.
  • In 2010, China Forest Industry Association presented Michael with the "China Flooring Industry’s Most Brilliant and Influential Person Award in the Past 15 Years" award.
  • In 2013, Michael was named CEO for the Custom-Made Home Division of Elegant Living , starting a new round of business.
  • In 2016, Michael created INNOMASTER, and entered a new era of innovative designs in flooring production technology.

Our Business Partners

Mannington---The most reputable professional flooring company in the U.S. flooring industry, headquartered in Sharon, N.J., is founded by the Campbell family in 1915 and is now managed by the fourth generation of the family. Their businesses include wood flooring, plastic flooring, tile, carpet and other flooring materials. The company has five production bases in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and New Jersey. Their products are distributed throughout both the residential as well as commercial markets in the United States.

Armstrong World Industries, one of the oldest and most well known flooring manufacturers in the U.S., is headquartered in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The company has 31 factories and about 9,300 employees around the world. Net global sales totaled about $1.2 billion in 2016.

Since its founding in 1985, Mullican Flooring has been dedicated to creating the best hardwood flooring in the world. The company's founders know that a combination of precision milling, advanced kiln drying technology and the most demanding inspectors would produce products that their competitors could not match.

JOHNSON is one of the leading manufacturers of premium hardwood flooring in the United States, producing fashionable, high-demand flooring options through sourcing durable hardwood varieties from around the world. Their products are famous for their economical and excellent quality. JOHNSON provides consumers with the industry's highest standard of worry-free floor, in line with CARB II and LACEY ACT standards.

One of the largest flooring manufacturers in the UK, TED TODD has been working for more than 20 years to create the world's most beautiful, creative wooden floor. TED TODD provides new wood flooring of unparalleled quality, originality and creative style for people who love and appreciate unique, ingenious interior designs.

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